When you walk into a room, a meeting, or event, your visual style proceeds you — before a word or handshake. 

Are you dialed into your authentic look?

Annie’s goal is to work directly with her clients to create a visual presence that is authentic to them. Her unique skill set, attention to style, color, proportion and fit, takes you there with fun and ease. Your burden is lifted, you’re elevated into your style and it’s powerful. Annie has styled in all realms of need. From corporate consulting, closet updating, creating your basic closet, packing you for travel, special events, weddings and wedding parties as well as red carpet. 

Let this be a lasting gift for you or someone you love.

Annie Spong has taught me the amazing difference a slight adjustment in clothes, cut, and certain designers can make. Everyday she saves me time and money having completely removed the time old question ‘What should I wear?’ Everything in my wardrobe now perfectly suits who I am, my body-type, and how I show up to the world able to take on anything life throws at me. An investment in Annie’s amazing eye and years of experience will pay for itself many many times over.
— Richard Janes, personal brand expert
I work in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist, and I need a no fuss pulled-together look. Annie takes all the stress out of creating ‘uniforms’ for me to grab and go! She shops within in my budget, respects my time and is SUPER organized in a fitting. I have built a relationship with her over the years, so she can pull for me with info exchanged in a text and shop for any upcoming function! I highly recommend her, she eliminates all stress to dress! And who doesn’t need that?
— Cathy Highland, Celebrity Makeup Artist
Annie helped me think about how to use clothes that were already in my closet. It was like getting a couple of new outfits without spending any money.
— Anne Coffey, client
Shopping with Annie was so incredible. She was picking things I would never pick, and I quickly discovered they were the staples that were missing from my wardrobe. I love forward to doing this seasonally with her.
— Amy Janes, client
I’m so grateful that Annie helped style me for a major event. With her eye and her ability to navigate my closet, I stepped out looking glamorous and effortless. Something borrowed, several things found in the closet, one scarf purchased, and the magic wand had been waved. And, unlike other girls, I had no curfew.
— Emily O'Brien, client


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