About Me

Annie’s interest in fashion and design began when she was a teenager.  She made unique clothes not only for herself but for her friends.   After graduating from LA’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Annie’s two passions combined and she designed wardrobe for music videos for many big musical artists including Natalie Merchant, John Mellencamp, and Sheryl Crow;  as well as dressing many celebrities throughout her career  a few being; Annette Bening, Kevin Costner, Ginnifer Goodwin, Julianne Moore,  Sharon Stone, Hilary Duff, additionally clients such as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

She quickly achieved great success, but being a true artist at heart, she moved to New York to attend the Pratt Institute and obtained her master’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting.   She then returned back to LA with a renewed sense of passion for design and a desire to apply it commercially.   In her career she designed campaigns for La Perla, Rolls Royce, Wells Fargo, GAP, JCP, Toyota and Levi.  She is a Union Costumer and was part of the Digital Design team that won an Oscar for special effects for the movie Apollo 13.

Photo by Peter Lindbergh     Website by Kate Coffey (kateccoffey@gmail.com)

Photo by Peter Lindbergh


Website by Kate Coffey (kateccoffey@gmail.com)

Annie quickly built a reputation as an ultimate style authority and trend setter.  She was then tapped to be the American Fashion Editor for Marie Claire/Germany where she reigned for 5 years, 1997-2002.  This position allowed her to hone in on fashion as an art form when she was able to collaborate with some of the great photographers of that era:  Peter Lindbergh, Paul Jasmin, Dewey Nicks and Francois Halard.

Annie has an intuitive understanding of color and space which simplifies her styling techniques.  Her love of quality, unique details, fabrics and textures motivates her style choices.  She is a lion on a hunt finding the best and unique deals for the specific need.  She has shared her knowledge as an Expert Style Blogger for My LA Lifestyle blog but Stylist Pool came about as an inspired thought.   She wanted a way to share her talents effortlessly with those who need some specific style direction...something she does not take for granted but acknowledges it pours effortless from her soul.